Trendsetting Timeless Jewellery

An Indian bride and her fabulous bridal attire will look incomplete without the complimentary jewellery. Jewellery plays an integral part of the bride’s personality. Over the years, the trends in bridal jewellery have changed several times. The new jewellery designs spans around contemporary bridal wears, trends and preferences, so various jewellers come out with innovative and trendy designs every year.

Be it intricate designs adorned with glistening stones or light weight ones, the charm of exquisite jewellery is always retained. There are many options available in the market when it comes to bridal jewellery. However, if you are not yet sure which type of jewellery you should wear for your wedding, the below list of latest bridal jewellery trends will be of little help to you.

Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend:

People’s tastes evolve and change over decades, but the materials with which their jewellery is crafted remains more or less the same. Diamonds will never fail to remain as the most stunning and exquisite jewellery material. There are plenty of choices to make while choosing diamond jewellery, they may vary as subtle, loud, solitaires, colored etc. Diamonds coupled with other precious or semi-precious stones are sought after by many young Indian brides. The most common choice is with green and red stones like emeralds, jades and rubies. So dear ladies, if you crave for diamond, go for designs with another precious or semi-precious stones.

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Old is Gold, but give an exotic touch to it 

An Indian wedding without gold is incomplete. Though other precious metals are used to make jewellery, the charm for gold will never cease among our Indian women. Intricate designs and exotic leaf or flower carvings on gold jewellery will give you a chic look. If you despise the colour of gold, why not try white gold. White gold is seen as an alternative to platinum. If you think platinum is unaffordable, you can opt for white gold. Combination of White and Yellow gold is a wonderful choice for rings.


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Seek the blessing of the divine

Nagas designs are traditionally inspiring and eye-catching. If you think we are talking about the tribal Nagaland jewellery, then you are wrong. Nagas designs originated from South India and have a spiritual theme. The designs of religious deities like goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh and Vishnu are carved in the jewellery. It is mainly carved in the pendent of a necklace, the Jumkis of the earnings, the bangles and sometimes even on necklace. Nagas designs along with precious stones such as Rubies and Corals with give a traditional look. All leading jewellers in South India offer Nagas Designer jewellery.

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Be an artistic bride with the trio of Jadau Kundan and Meena

Jadau Kundan Meena is an art form of Jewellery. This art has been developed and flourished in India during the Mughal period. Nowadays it is a very popular form of Indian bridal jewellery especially in the North. Kundan Meena Jadau Jewellery is trendy and fashionable, and is inspired by nature. The designs are mostly exquisitely entwined flowers and birds, but sometimes human and animal figures are also carved in these jewellery. It is an art that originated from Rajasthan.  Even after the ages, Kundan jewellery still remains in fashion, this is due to the undying craze for its exquisite designs.

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