Top Colour themes for your wedding

Choosing the right color theme for your wedding is perhaps as important as shopping for your bridal trousseau. The color scheme forms the basis for the wedding décor as it impacts the choice of your bridal attire and all other things such as the makeup, jewelry, shoes etc.

When you choose a particular color theme for your wedding, it is sure to set the right mood for the celebrations. Here we shall present you the top colour themes for this season and also discus the mood those shades create on your wedding.



Pink is without a doubt the most loveliest colour, and choosing pink as your wedding colour simply signifies the beautiful and compassionate bond between you and your loved one. If you are that woman who loves pink and its different shades since your childhood, we recommend that you with pink. You can also use colours like aqua or navy blue, or white or some vibrant colours for minor details to it. Moreover you can use all the shades of pink to have a very pink wedding. But, Pink is stereotyped as a girly girly colour so make sure that your guy is happy with this theme.




Red is a colour which is synonymous with Indian weddings. We can also say that a traditional Indian wedding isn’t complete without the presence of a tinge red. When the theme of your wedding revolves around red and its beautiful shades, it indicates the energy and passion between you and your spouse. The deeper the shade of the red colour, more subdued is the energy. Colours such as white, gold, ivory, or shades of blue look beautiful when combined with red. Weddings are a traditional affair, so add the colour red to your D-day decor.




Be it with vibrant Mandap decor or warm lighting, yellow is a colour that goes well with the feel of the Indian weddings . So, take the ‘yellow feel’ a notch up and make it your wedding theme. Decorate your venue, the entryway and the mandap with yellow flowers or fabric. Your can also easily match your apparel and jewellery with this yellow theme. You can create mellow effects by using soft yellow lights at your wedding venue effectively and smartly.




You just cannot miss lavender or its other shades like violet and purple because they are the most sought after colours this wedding season. White complements the appeal of lavender, hence many people opt for the combination of these two colours to set a wonderful ambiance. Sunflower yellow is not a bad choice either.




Blue is the new colour that is trending this year. Be it Navy Blue or Royal Blue, all shades of blue have made it to the hot list this year. Navy blue is a sophisticated colour that glorifies the wedding in a very elegant and stylish way. Combination of white, pink, red yellow, turquoise or lime green with navy blue will enhance the beauty of your wedding decorations. After all, blue is the colour of trust and serenity.



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