Top 5 Honeymoon destinations for foodies

Once the wedding is over, the real fun begins. Yes, we are talking about your honeymoon! It is more than just some time off with your special one at a fabulous place. Well, you should enjoy being at your honeymoon destination to the fullest. In order to do that you must choose the perfect destination. Apart from sight seeing and shopping, tasting and enjoying your holiday spot’s signature cuisine is one of the most tasteful things to do. If you are a foodie, then this article is just for you. Moreover, once you are married, you don’t have to restrict your dietary cravings. So far, we have seen about many exotic and scintillating honeymoon destinations, both national and international. Now, we bring to you the top 5 honeymoon destinations a foodie will never want to miss. So get ready to treat your taste buds.


5) Goa, India
It will be unfair if we choose not to have Goa in our top 5 list. India is known for its diverse and scrumptious cuisines, but the Goan cuisine have never failed to satisfy the taste buds of its visitors. Bestowed with tantalizing spots, pristine beaches and vibrant shops, Goa is also known for its cuisine. The Goan food is loved by both the Indians and foreigners. They have a variety of food which are rich in taste and reflects the flavor of the place. Being the result of Indo-Portuguese blend, the Goan cuisine is nothing less than tasty. Taste Goa’s very own Butter Prawns, Tunas and Coconut Sarbath. You can taste delicious Goan dishes at any Beach shacks which isn’t a scarcity in Goa. You can also dine in serene restaurants such as Fiesta, Britos and Matrin’s corner.

Variety of Food

4) Singapore
Singapore is a place where food is a top priority, or you can even say it an obsession. Tagged as one of the food focused destinations in the world, Singapore is a perfect choice for you. Delight your taste buds with some of Singapore’s special dishes such as Hainanese chicken rice, laksa and nasi lemak. They are the favorite dishes among the locals. Once you have satisfied your appetite, chill yourself with desserts such as Ice Kakang and Chendal. Also, don’t forget to have a sip of Singapore’s special tea called as Theh tarik. You will love to dine at wonderful restaurants such as Bitters & Love, Ristorante Amaroe and 10 at Claymore.

Singapore Food

3) Piemont, Italy
No list of gastronomic honeymoon destinations will be complete without having Italy in its top 5. Well known for its historic monuments, Italy is also known for its amazing cuisine. There is no other city better than Piedmont in Italy. Tagged as the food Capital of Italy, Piedmont is famous for traditional Pastas and Wine. You should have some must try food on your list. They are Bagna Coada, Vitalle Tonnato and Cheese Fondue. It is also known for the amazingly tasty truffles. If you are fond of desserts you will love what Piemont has to offer. Bonet is a dessert which is famous in Piemont. This cake which is rich in candied chestnut is the favorite among the locals. So don’t forget to try them all.

Italian Noodles

2) South of France
South of France has a lot to offer for an avid foodie. Apart from beautiful and romantic holiday spots, you can also enjoy the exuberant taste of the French cuisine. There are a lot of food markets in south of France. If you opt to give a visit there, don’t forget to taste fresh seafoods, excellent wines, cheese and offcourse the French Bread. You can also visit Côte d’Azur to taste the mouthwatering Mediterranean delicacies.

French Desserts
1) Mendoza, Argentina
Located in the foothills on the eastern side of Andes, Mendoza is known for wine production and exquisite food. Though a lot of their food have Creole base, they tend to have a mix of spanish and Italian flavour which is the reason behind the marvelous taste of the food. Some of the city’s best dishes are the Humita en chala, Tomatican and Matambre. Apart from wine, Mendoza is also famous for olives, which are present in many of their dishes


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