Top 5 Destination Wedding Spots in India

‘When’ and ‘Where’ are the two most important questions on which a wedding is based. As the start to a lifelong journey together as a couple, the wedding celebration and ceremony needs to be as perfect as possible! The wedding planning process will depend on your personal choices and those of your family. Consequently, the date you pick may be affected by outside factors such as auspicious days but the location of your wedding is a choice that is entirely up to you.

Did you know that Indian couples are flying their entire guest list including the pandit to fancy destinations just to get married? The concept of a destination wedding may not be novel, but the trend has picked up like never before in the past few years. If you want to have a destination wedding you may these destinations amusing. So, celebrate your weddings at these beautiful destinations and make your wedding a one to remember


The picturesque backwaters and lush greenery of ‘God’s Own Country’ have recently become top choices for destination weddings. As a popular tourist spot, a number of luxury resorts and hotels in Kerala are being chosen as venues for weddings and other events. Zuri Kumarakom is the best-known location and the Indian elite have set the trend for celebrating ‘vacation’ weddings here. A Kerala beach wedding can be arranged at Kovalam, Somatheeram, Varkala and Shanghumukham as they are ideal locations for a Kerala beach wedding. Kovalam is a famed beach with an endless expanse of sugar white sandy shore and sparkling cerulean waters. A mountain cliff overlooks the Varkala beach that is extremely beautiful.



Speaking of Beach Weddings, one could never forget the lovely beaches in Goa. The Goan beach destination has been a favourite among several Indians for time immemorial and has hosted many a wedding till date. Be it a traditional Indian wedding or one of those offbeat types, getting hitched on the beaches of Goa makes for a worthwhile experience for sure. The luxury hotels at Varca Beach and Morbor Beach, both in the southern part of Goa, are ideal for beach weddings. If you prefer a quiet garden ceremony, you can opt for resorts near Palolem Beach in south Goa.


Goa 1

The Pink City is one among the most favourite destinations for those getting married due to its splendor. Those looking for a less costly option for their wedding will find one of Jaipur’s old mansions to be the perfect venue. Alsisar Haveli and Mandawa Haveli are popular choices. If you’d like a wedding in a heritage venue away from the city, Samode Palace could be the answer. It’s located around one hour from Jaipur, and is built into the Aravali Ranges. Its setting and the way it’s illuminated at night make it a wonderfully romantic venue for a wedding. For people who want their wedding to be a quite affair, Samode Palace is a great choice.



This city is perfect for incredible weddings and is among the top locations prefered by many. The stately Umaid Bhawan is home to the royal family and the fact that parts of the palace are available for weddings makes it a huge draw. A wedding ceremony held there, followed by an extravagant reception at Mehrangarh fort is considered the epitome of an unforgettable gala.



What makes Udaipur such a standout destination for a wedding in India? Known as the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur really is one of the most romantic and charming places in India. A lot of this charm comes from the city’s regal palace buildings and the thing is, you can get married in them! For those who still want to get married in an authentic palace, but in more contemporary style, there is Devi Gargh. Many palaces in Udaipur have been transformed into hotels and resorts which offer to arrange amazing weddings, for a price. If you want the ultimate ‘royal’ experience, the City Palace is the most luxurious choice, and the royal family of Mewar organizes events at the palace.





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