Tips to plan your honeymoon

As soon as the hustle and bustle of your wedding comes to an end, the real fun begins. Yes, you have guessed it right – HONEYMOON! It is indeed a beautiful time of your life and you would cherish those lovely moments for your lifetime. But just like your wedding, your honeymoon also needs to be planned and organized perfectly. Missing your travel documents before you board a plane, unapproved visas, bad weather and blowing your honeymoon budget are some of the most common results of improper planning. Avoid those challenging situations by following this honeymoon planning time-line which is given below.


8 Months before your honeymoon:
It may sound silly, but planning your honeymoon before 8 – 10 months will help you reach the ultimate honeymoon bliss. Moreover, you also have a wedding to plan, so starting in advance can help you in many ways.

  1. Fix your budget: The first and the foremost thing for any planning process is deciding the budget, so make sure you fix your budget first.
  2. Research Locations: Where do you want to go? What will you do there? Where will you stay? These are the most important questions you should ask yourself while choosing a destination. So make sure that you research well about your chosen destination.
  3. Research Hotels: What are the accommodation options and its charges? Research about the hotels and their reviews. Hotels in Europe gets booked up soon, so make sure you book the rooms early.
  4. Order your passport: If you don’t have a passport yet, now is the time to apply for it. Make sure that you apply it soon.

Couples Traveling

6 months before:

  1. Make final travel arrangements: By this time all your travel arrangements must be made. Tickets booked, Hotel rooms reserved and all the other travel needs should be taken care of.
  2. Apply for Visas: This may take a long time if you plan on crossing country lines, so make sure that you apply before six months.
  3. Get vaccinated (if required): The last thing you want on your honeymoon is to fall sick. If you intent to visit many countries, you better get a vaccination.

3 months before honeymoon:

  1. Make a packing list: As you get busy with your wedding planning, you may miss certain minute details such as things to pack for your honeymoon. So make sure that you create a list of items to pack for your honeymoon so that you’ll not forget those.
  2. Avail leave at office: Having it done early will help you feel relaxed and stress free. You can avoid last minute work pile up. Moreover, making the rest of your arrangement will be as stress free as possible.

Honeymoon Couples

1 Month before your honeymoon:

  1. Change your number: Check if your mobile network to make sure you’ll be able to use your number at your honeymoon location.
  2. Give your number to your friends: What if anyone wants to contact you during emergency? Write down your new number for them. Even if your phone works at your honeymoon destination, make sure that you give them your hotel number.
  3. Shop for all your necessary amenities: If you are going to chill places, make sure that you have certain winter-wears. If you don’t have enough, then its time to shop.

Two Weeks Before:

  1. Pack them all: Yeah, it is early, but remember you your wedding is in two weeks. So, it is better to pack them all now.
  2. Day of leaving:
    Any last minute packing? Make sure that you pack medications and necessary sanitarians.

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