Tips to plan a perfect Beach Wedding

If you’re looking for a small, simple, and a beautiful wedding, a beach wedding is the perfect solution. Beach weddings continue to draw more couples to the water’s edge for their ceremony. With a little planning, your beach ceremony can be the wedding of your dreams. Whatever you decide, beach weddings can be quite beautiful, romantic and very memorable. You can also implement some playful ideas. So, if you opt for a beach wedding then here are a few tips for making your seaside dreams come true.

Select the time of the year:

The first important tip is to plan your wedding on the appropriate time of the year. If not your dream wedding may be a disaster. The first season that springs to mind for beach weddings is summer. Summer is not always a good option however; one has to take the wind into consideration. Our favourite time for the beach wedding is believe it or not – Spring or Autumn. We have fabulous weather that time of year where the wind is low, the skies are blue, the air is warm and the rain is kept at bay.



How many people are attending your wedding?

Having a clear idea of your wedding guest count will help you plan your beach wedding smoothly. Ceremonies with fewer attendees allow greater flexibility in location and planning. But it is still possible to plan and execute a beach wedding with a large group. Make sure you have chosen a location that will allow chairs on the beach, and don’t forget to check on rental costs.



The Beach Location!

It’s worth taking some time to choose this carefully. Getting married in front of the hotel or resort at which you are staying is the most convenient, but bear in mind that the beach may be crowded and there will most likely be onlookers watching the ceremony. They also may appear in the background of your wedding photographs! If privacy is important to you, find out if there is a more secluded beach that you can use–even if it means arranging transportation for the wedding. Find out if the beach is relatively flat, or shelves steeply. Make sure there is enough space between the high tide line and the back of the beach to accommodate your wedding set-up—especially if you have many guests and are planning to seat them. Beaches in Goa and Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a good choice if you plan to have a comfortable beach wedding.


Select a nice theme:

Having a beach wedding doesn’t mean that you have to stick to monotonous beach theme; you can change the basic beach theme to suit your requirements. You can create something amazing whether it is relaxed and casual, elegant and sophisticated, fun and playful – either way would be appropriate provided your Planner advises and guides you in the right direction. You don’t want a mix match of colours with no real theme and too much décor to resemble a bazaar. You want to have a wedding that will be remembered for years to come. If the wedding is in the evening you can create a magical, romantic atmosphere with lots of fairy lights, candles, lanterns, torches and more. You can also have themes such as pirates, sandcastle and seashells.


Seating Arrangement:

If it is at all in your budget, you should consider temporary flooring for solid footing beneath the chairs. If the wedding is an informal one, then use the beach chairs for the guests to sit in. This eliminates the necessity to put flooring down underneath the chairs. Make sure the area where the ceremony is to take place is on a solid platform.


Deal the Sand:

The biggest factor when having a beach wedding is dealing with the sand. You know what sand can do and how it can get into everything. Also remember that it can be difficult to walk on. Make sure that you advise all of the women in both the wedding party and on the guest list to wear flats for beach walking comfort. They can keep a spare pair of heels in their bag for the reception. Make sure you keep a tub of water and towels available for your guests to wash their feet before they enter the reception. Sprinkle with some flower petals and fragrance oils for a nice effect.

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