Tips for choosing the perfect wedding vendors

Of course, you want a wedding that’s perfect to the last detail. It’s that big day that you’ll want to look back on with fondness, but getting the right supplier or vendor can be tricky. There’s a plethora of available wedding planners and event organizers, and finding the right ones can be, at times, frustrating; especially with such a crucial day at stake. We believe that the following tips will help you to choose the apt suppliers for your wedding.

Know your budget

The first thing you need to settle on is how much you are willing to spend. There are plenty of things you may want, but being conscious of a spending threshold will help you reign in those runaway whims, and stick to what’s essential. What would make the wedding day special Food? Flowers? Venue? Will foregoing the purchase of a beautiful necklace be a worthy trade-off to getting a better set of musicians? Will getting a DJ be just as good as getting a band, so that the savings could be used towards a better menu?


Know what you want
A clear idea of what you expect your wedding vendor to do would help narrow down that list. Do you expect your photographer to cover a Post -Wedding shoot as well? Would you prefer a caterer who has special wedding packages that cover both the wedding ceremony and the reception? Do you have any dietary concerns that you expect them to cover without additional cost? Do you have any cultural or religious concerns, and would you feel as comfortable with an “outsider” as you would with a coordinator of the same background? Knowing what you want in a vendor will help you weigh your needs against what they actually provide, and figure out which expectations are real and which aren’t. It will also reveal to you the aspects that are negotiable, and which are set in stone – both from your point of view, and from the vendor’s.


Research well:
The best method to finding a trustworthy supplier is through research. Referrals from relatives and friends are the best place to start. Especially those from ones who’ve had experience hiring such, or planning weddings, themselves. Find out what makes these providers special, by interviewing those who refer them, and by snooping around on their websites as well. You can also search for suppliers from your city at, and make notes on the ones that strike you most. Inspect the quality of their work through their online portfolio, and through personal customer shares as well. Wedding expos offer an additional venue for meeting potential wedding vendors and gauging them firsthand.


Give them a call:
When your online snooping is done, you can start trimming your list, by calling the ones you like best. Set a reasonable number, such as an overall top 12, or a top 5 for each needed service, and contact each one. See who you like best and keep the rest for back-up.


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Meet them:
After having spent time with them on the phone, you’re bound to have picked out some favorites. Meet with those first, to save yourself the extra meet-ups with vendors who might fall short anyway. Take with you a clear vision of what you want for your wedding day. Discuss crucial ones and non-negotiable ones candidly. Find out if they are open to special requests or to adjustments on proposed packages. A good vendor is someone who is a good balance of knowing what to do and being flexible. He or she may not be able to say yes to everything on your list, within your proposed budget, but should be able to offer alternatives that you could find equally satisfying. Further to that, a meet-up would give a conscientious vendor an opportunity to share tangible samples of their work with you.


Choose someone whom you can trust:
Knowing that you can trust your wedding vendors on the big day will take loads off your shoulders. Choose someone who grasps your vision, and who shares your passion for the event. Trust your instinct; do not get carried away with lofty promises and high-flying presentations. Stick with someone you can count on, can communicate well with, and who will help you reach your dreams.

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