Tips to plan a wedding on a low budget

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the biggest celebration of your life. You will start to plan and shop for your wedding as soon as the wedding date is finalized. You want everything about your wedding to be best and fabulous. But there is only one huge problem; everything comes with a big price! This may make you to reconsider your plan for a fabulous wedding.

So how do you lower your expenses without severely impacting the splendor of your wedding? Making some smart decisions up front can help keep costs under control without spoiling your fabulous wedding. Here are a few tips to cut down your wedding budget.


Book the venue in advance!!!

Always select a place which is a perfect fit for your guest list. Do not go for bigger halls if your guest list is smaller. Also, if you book your wedding hall before 7 -9 months in advance, there are chances you will get a better discount from the vendor. Select a venue which has an aesthetic appeal and has built-in beauty. There are venues which come with pre- decorated area, if you are tight on budget then choose a venue that already has décor settings, this way you don’t have to pay extra for your décor. Try to hold most events in the same location and strike a deal with the venue vendors by using their caterers as well as decorators.



Photography and Video options:

Here is where you can save a lot of money. If you still contemplate a candid photographer, you may think about a studio photographer as well. Candid photography is gaining popularity but studios are not doing bad work either, and the price difference is huge. A good Candid photographer can charge anywhere between 2-4 Lac for a 3-4day wedding functions with video charges additional, while studio photographers at the same cost can provide you with 2 still photographers and 1 videographers, add on another 20k and you get an armature candid guy as well. So think over it!



Save big on food!

Food is the first word that comes to our mind when we think of an Indian wedding. No Indian wedding is complete without a feast to treat your guests. You can save a lot if you smartly plan your catering options. If your guest list is bigger it is better to reduce the number of main courses down. Limit the number of appetizers and snacks, as well as the desserts. Go for traditional Indian fare that make more use of seasonal produce. Adult and children have a different price rate per plate, ensure that the caterer calculates accordingly.



Cut the cake out!!!

Cutting and serving cake is a new trend that originated from the west, feel free to skip it. If you are still keen to go ahead, order a small, one-two tier cake. Avoid the handmade sugar flowers and other shapes, lots of people tend to leave that part.



A friend in need is a friend with a makeup brush:

If you have a friend who is good with brushes and shades, have her to do it. If not, go for a good make-up artist instead of a popular one. A good make-up artist need not be a top-notch one, just someone who knows what they are doing.



Cost saving cards:

While your invitations are the first thing your guests will see and it will set the tone for the wedding, with a bit of creativity and personalization you can make a beautiful invitation without spending too much money. Go for a simpler card. Less number of insert, smaller and beautiful can make a huge difference price wise. Choose the color well. A beautiful color coordinated card stands out more than a messy big box. If you have relatives and friends abroad, there is no need to have extra cards printed and bear the burden of postage fees. Instead, email them the official invite early and ask them to RSVP via email or phone.


wedding card


Jewellery plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the blushing bride, more so when it has been handed down by the bride’s mother or grandmother. A marriage is the perfect time for you to make something special that can in turn be passed to your future generations. If you have a family heirloom then marriage is the right time to make use of it. You can also rent some beautiful jewellery instead of buying new ones if you think bridal jewellery are just a one day affair.



We hope the above suggestions would have given you few ideas to save money while planning your wedding.

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