Things To Do Before Planning A Destination Wedding


Destination weddings are magical and they sound romantic, don’t they? What we might not realize is the intense planning that goes into making a picture perfect destination wedding. An ocean sunset on a tropical island, exotic nuptials in China, or a castle wedding in Europe are all some of the great reasons to have a destination wedding. But having a destination wedding is not as easy as it seems to be. If you want to have the perfect destination wedding then you might have to do certain things.

Protect the Guests
Every travel location has its dangers, but some are more dangerous than others. Sadly, some of these dangerous locations are also beautiful wedding destinations. Mexico, China and Brazil have amazing wedding scenes, but also have higher than average travel tourist crime. Keeping your family and friends safe while they enjoy your happiest day is one of your priorities.
Even though most states recognize foreign weddings, not all countries have the same rules as India. Some countries require blood tests or parental consent. Others have age limits and residency rules. These are factors you would want to know about in prior. Mexico requires an official birth certificate, a valid and non-expired passport, a tourist card, and a blood test to get married. A wedding in Italy will most likely need to be performed by a civil authority since a Catholic ceremony is very difficult to arrange. No matter where you want to get married, it is recommended that you arrive five days in advance to have documents translated, and apply for the necessary paperwork.
While planning your wedding day, the mutton or chicken decision may transform to squid or eel. Some of your guests may not appreciate the local cuisine. As part of the wedding invitation, either tell the guests what they are going to be eating or ask for special dietary requirements. By doing this well in advance, you and your guests can make the appropriate accommodations without going through the panic of learning how to say curd in Mandarin!

Make Sure Everyone Comes
One of the hardest factors of a destination wedding planning is ensuring everyone gets there. Some family members may have financial constraints or trouble getting off work for a long period of time. Planning in advance is the best way to ensure all your important guests can come to your wedding. Check with airlines for group deals. Many will offer discounted rates for a large group travelling together. Check with hotels for group discounts as well.
Plan for the Worst
One of the benefits of getting married near home is that, if stuff doesn’t go the way you wish, you can easily consider plan B. This may not always be easy with destination weddings. Hope for the best but plan for the worst!

Understand the lay of the land and know what some of the common natural issues that could arise. Find out if the island you are visiting is prone to monsoons, or where to go if your guests suffer food poisoning later. A little extra preparation can be the difference between a dream wedding and a nightmare!

So, plan best, but in prior…to witness your magical fairytale wedding!

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