The rising trends in Candid Wedding Photography!

A wedding is an occasion when your near and dear ones gather together to celebrate the happy union of two people. It is also filled with a roller coaster of emotions, beautiful details and exquisite colours. It would be shame if these aspects of your wedding are gone forever after the ceremony is over. This is why a wedding photographer is one of the most important persons in your wedding.

The rising trends in Indian wedding photography photography are the reason for it. In the current scenario, the trends in wedding photography have reached shy-high and will go beyond it in the future. Right now, Candid photography is one of the most sought after photography style by many young Indian couple. Candid wedding photography is not the art of taking pictures from absurd angles at unnatural lighting, but capturing a live moment as it is, hence it is quite natural.


What makes it so special?
Capturing candid moments, with all the emotional highs and backstage drama, is highly fashionable now. The gush of the sangeet, the mother gazing wistfully at her niece rehearsing Bollywood moves for the dance evening, the hilarious trip-ups – everything is so natural and open to capture. The ambiance of the wedding can be taken by the personal photographs that we can take but the bliss of the occasion lies on the natural moments.


Don’t look at the photographer

Candid wedding photography means obscurity. The candid shots have their own charm. It’s good if people aren’t conscious of cameras and better if they can’t even remember being shot. The photographer’s own creative craft, of course, counts for a lot. Hence, celebrate your event and forget that there is a photographer present in the venue. If you notice the photographer, then odds are that your expression tends to become defensive. You may put up guard for the rest of the event.



A moment of funny embarrassment is a lifetime memory:

Candid Photography goes a long way, not just in creating the perfect memory, but also in keeping the guests at their toes. With everybody owning their high pixel smart phone, the ‘say cheese’ shots have lost the appeal they once held. Nowadays, everybody wants to have only the most natural pictures. This includes not just pictures which are perfect and wonderful but also funny embarrassing incidents which will make one enjoy that incident even after decades.


Wedding Garland

Where to find candid photographers:

As the popularity of this style of photography increases every year, there is an increase in the number of candid photographers in India. What was once not a popular style of photography is now the most wanted by many young people. So, finding a good candid photographer in your city is indeed a cakewalk. The pricing for this style of photography differs among the photographers. Many are looking to pay premium prices for photographers who can capture the essence on their subjects through candid shots. Some of the price rise comes as photography supply costs increase. Much of it, however, comes from an increasing willingness on the part of Indian families to not only spend big on weddings as they have always done, but to spend even more on higher-quality photos and other aspects of the ceremonies. There are many candid photographers who charge 25K per day for a decent work.

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