The Do’s and Don’ts of Bridal Makeup

Indian wedding is known for its tradition all over the world. For any bride, it is the most important and beautiful day in her whole life. It is very important that the bride looks flattering and the most beautiful lady on earth on her wedding day. Indian bridal makeup is very complicated and you have to make sure you apply the correct amount of it to make you look amazing. Here are a few tips on some Do’s and Don’ts of bridal makeup.


The Do’s
Appoint a make-up artist
You may be good at doing your own make up but your wedding make up should not look like every day make up. It makes sense to hire a professional bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Also, all the stress related to marriage leaves most brides jittery. Doing your make up while you are a bundle of nerves isn’t a good idea. Try and test more than a few make-up artists, discuss the look that you have in mind, and appoint someone who can give you exactly what you want.


Eye drops are handy
Lack of sleep, stress or just shedding tears (if you are an emotional bride) might leave you looking tried and irritated. You don’t want your eyes to itch and look red. Try keeping a bottle of eye drops at hand and make sure to use a brand you are familiar with. Remember not to indulge in any product or regime four weeks before the wedding.


This is one of the most important and also one of the most difficult advice to follow. Indian weddings are known to sap the energy out of you. However, it is necessary that you get enough sleep to look and feel fresh. Dark circles can be covered with concealer however, puffy eyes are more difficult to camouflage.

Subtle makeup gives you an elegant look

Matte eye shadow
Bridal outfits are full of bling and so is the jewellery. It makes sense to go easy on the bling make up-wise. Use matte eye shadows since they don’t reflect light so your eyes won’t look shiny in pictures. Use a highlighter under the brow bone as this really makes your eyes stand out.


The Don’ts:
Go overboard with eye make-up
Although a lot of make-up artists will be tempted to load your eyes with make-up, steer clear of heavily done up eyes. It’s your wedding, not a Halloween party you are heading to.


Coloured contacts
Avoid all shades of blue, green, grey etc. Your make-up artist should do a fabulous job with your make up such that you don’t have to depend on contact lenses to make them stand out. Unless you are wearing a natural shade of brown, stay away from coloured contacts.


Concealer that is too light
Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone. It must not be dark and certainly not lighter unless you want to look like you have two headlights for eyes.


Get carried away by trends
Some trends are classic, while some are purely fads. Five years down the line, you might cringe looking at your wedding pictures. So stay away from trends and opt instead for classic styles or something that’s an in-between.


No dark eye shadow
Perfectly done up smoky eyes look classy. It’s a great look for weddings too, provided you do it with lighter colours. You want your eyes to look feminine and bridal but not punched. You are better off without colours like black, brown, grey, charcoal etc.

Coloured contacts aren't a good choice for the right bridal look

Wear falsies
Don’t wear false eye lashes for your wedding if you have never worn them before. If you still insist on wearing falsies, then try wearing them a few times before the actual day. You want to enjoy your wedding without having to worry about your falsies falling off.

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