The apt hairstyle for your face

Your bridal look isn’t complete without the perfect hairstyle to complement your stunning outfit and radiant smile. There are many factors you should consider before you opt for your bridal hairdo and it’s advisable to choose the hairstyle based on the shape of your face.

We have seen about the top trendy bridal hairstyles before, but we haven’t seen haidos which suit different face shapes. Check out the tips mentioned below to choose the apt bridal hairstyle which would suit your face shape.


If you face is longer and less wide, you have an oval face. The trick is to reduce the length of your face and to make it look wider. Nothing enhances the look of an oval face than fringes; they make your face look less lengthy. A chic chignon with deep side part complimented by fringes is a good choice. Adorn your hairdo with cute hair accessories or jewellery. It is better to void updos that pile your hair up at the top of your head. They make your face look even more longer.




If you face is more or less equal in length and width, you have a round face. Go for high wedding updos as they add height to the crown. Leave some wisps of hair in front to frame your face, this kind of look go great with this shape. It will also make your face look lengthy and bring out your facial features too. In case you want a hairstyle which shows its length, then go for long or wavy tresses, they hide the wide cheekbones and add length to your face. This hairstyle will be good with center part or bangs which are side-swept.



Square :
If you have a sharp jawline then you have a square face. To soften these lines, choose a wedding hairstyle that frames your face with wisps of hair. You may want to go for romantic curls which will turn the attention from your jaw. You can make puff at the top of your head, this will lengthen your face. You can finish this hairstyle either with a braid or a bun. Parting your hair on the side can also make your face look less angular.



Heart :
If you have a broad forehead and a narrow jawline, you have a heart shaped face. Faces like yours look best with wispy bangs. A half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle would work well for a heart shaped face. The trick is to balance the narrow jawline with your hairstyle. Never pull your hair back, it will highlight your broad forehead.

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