Deal the heat on your summer wedding!

Picture this! You, your fiance, your dear ones and a stunning outdoor location to celebrate your wedding. Sounds great isn’t it? But having an outdoor wedding when the temperature is sky rocketed is a real challenge. If you wish to plan an outdoor summer wedding against a torrid and blazing sun, then we have few words for you – It is challenging, but possible! Many of your family members and friends may freak out if you tell them that you opt for an outdoor wedding during a scorching summer, but with proper and smart planning to beat the heat, your wedding will be a wonderful day not just for you but also your guests. Here are a few tips to help you to tackle the excruciating heat and plan a fabulous wedding.


Start your summer beauty regimen!

Usually, many start their bridal beauty regimen before a month of their wedding, but you are going to deal a hot sun here. So, you may better kick start it before 2 months. It is better to avoid oily junk food. Instead, munch on healthy fruits and vegetables as they will enhance and enrich your skin. Fruits such as watermelons and cherries are going to be your best buddies during this period as they will boost your skin’s resistance against wrinkles and sun damages! You can also include fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins to your diet so your face will be glowing on your wedding day.



Apart from your strict diet, there are several things you should consider on your wedding day to sport a beautiful look. Wear water-proof and smudge free makeup as it stays long. Instead of heavy makeup with bold shades, stick to mild and peachy shades. Last but not least, don’t forget to define your eyes and lips to the fullest.


Comfy bridal attire!

The last thing you will want is to look weary in your wedding photographs. Wearing too much of jewellery and a tight attire might make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. A smart person would avoid tight and heavy clothing for his/her wedding. Choose the light pastel shades and the right fabric. Colours such as pink, lime yellow and peach are the talk of this season and they are indeed an apt choice for a summer wedding.


The summer cuisine!

We all know that the food is one of the most important aspects of an Indian wedding. When you plan an outdoor wedding under the radiant sun, it is wise to keep off heavy, greasy and diary based food from your wedding menu. Replace them with fresh seasonal fruits, cheese platters and iced beverages. You can also include Chaats, Salads, Eye catcy ice candies, Gazpachos and Gulkand paan to your menu. Light barbequred food will be harmless. Make sure that your food stays fresh. Else your guests will have a very bad memory of your wedding feast.


wedding couples

Elegant décor
Be it a lush green lawn or a breezy beach view, make sure that your décor sets a wonderful ambiance. Summer is a perfect time to ensure your dream day with colours. Warm hues will enlighten your guests. If you are having a lawn wedding, go for lush green lawns surrounded with lots of greenery. Decorate your venue elegantly with seasonal flowers and stylish drapes.


Be warm to your guests!!
Show your warm hospitality to your guests by offering them cool and refreshing beverages. You can also have a summer Mocktail bar nearby so that your guests will not be dehydrated. Things such as scented paper towels, cute and small custom designed fans will help them stay fresh on a warm evening. If your guests arrive before the sunset, offer them pretty parasols, they look so classy and are useful to shield themselves against the sun.

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