Stay Beautiful This Winter


Beauty and Grooming tips for winter

Winter has come. After all that rain which gave us running nose and made our hair frizzy, we are more than happy to welcome the winter season. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, staying beautiful with a glowing skin and lustrous hair is mandatory. No matter how much we love winter and all the fun she brings, it also comes with certain cons. Follow these simple set of precautions and look ravishing for this winter.

Moisturize yourself

Lotions and creams which you use during summer might not work for your winter skin. Find hydrating and oil based moisturizers instead of water based ones. Oil retains moisture of your skin. If you have oily/combination skin type, choose moisturizers that doesn’t clog pores. Not all types of moisturizers that you use on your body can be used on your facial skin. Take care in using, since it can breakout your skin. Moisturize throughout the day.

Woman applying moisturizer cream for her pretty face

Care your hair

Cold temperature, wind and continuous combing can make your hair static. Use a mild shampoo for dry hair, and always use a conditioner which can get rid of the static in your hair. Your hair becomes dull and lifeless and also your scalp becomes dry during winter which means, it needs moisture.

Massage your scalp with coconut oil for a few minutes and cover it with shower cap. Shampoo it after 30-45 minutes. Rinse it and use a moisturizing condition. Also, try to minimize the use of hot styling tools during winter. Try to use a leave in conditioner for your hair.

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Water bath

Having a hot water shower feel so good during winter, but it is not good for your skin and hair. Hot water draws out the moisture and cause itchiness. Always use lukewarm water. Hot water will take out the essential oils and the glands compensate by producing more sebum which can lead to hair-fall. Limit your exfoliation. Don’t forget to moisturize after a shower.

Lip Care

Cool winter brings chapped lips, which is a huge turn off for anyone. Always use a lip balm with vitamin E and keep on applying it throughout the day. To take off the flakes, mix some honey and sugar and apply it all over your lips. After 10 minutes, gently start to scrub and rinse it off. Apply a moisturizing lip balm after that. Make sure your lip balm contains olive oil, cocoa butter.

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Foot Care

The most dry part of your body are the heels. Dry feet results in cracks and makes your heel look ugly. Gently scrub away the dead skin cells with a pumice stone or callus remover and apply a thick moisturizing cream. Make sure you moisturize your heels also from time to time. Apply vaseline or any rich body butter and cover your heels with socks and wash your feet in the morning. Do it at least twice a week.


So, don’t worry about the harshness that winter brings along with her. Instead do all these simple beauty and grooming tips to enjoy this cool festive season in your style.

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