6 Reactions of a guy when he meets his girlfriend’s parents [you will love the last one]

Sweet curve of a smile erupts on the face, when a girl accepts the guy’s proposal.

But, proposing her is the easier part, and asking her hand from her parents is a mountain hill task.

The guy has to conquer the roller coaster of his emotions, and still make a good impression in front of his girlfriend’s parents.

So, let’s see how a guy feels when he goes through this journey.

When the father asks tricky questions!


Her brother’s reaction when the guy says, “ I love your sister.”


Kanna…No words, Only Action.

Her mother’s expression after meeting the guy.

What did she see in him??? We could find a better guy than him.

How the guy feels after meeting everyone

 That’s it. I am done.

When the girl stands for the guy


Aww, Isn’t she lovely?

Finally when all her family member’s accept, he feels this


Mission Accomplished

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