Tips to look photogenic

You may wear exquisite wedding attire, sparkling jewellery and a lovely makeup, but you may still find poor shots of yourself in your wedding album. Your photographer may have composed a great shot, but somehow it may turn out bad at times. Naturally, the last thing you want is awkward and unflattering wedding photographs of you. Being photogenic isn’t limited to few girls, if you follow certain things like the ones given in this article, you can also look fabulous on your wedding pictures.


Choose the right colors:
The colour of your outfit enhances your look . If you want to look photogenic you should opt for bold and solid colours as it will draw the observer’s attention. Be it a Lehangha, Saree or even an anarkali suit, make sure it is in a bold colour. Moreover, choose your bridal wear based on your body shape and complexion. If you don’t know how to select an attire based on your body shape, read it here (choose a saree based on your body shape).
The Half closed eye:
One of the most common photographic pose mishap from our the bride’s side is the half closed or full closed eyes. Our eye blink coincides with the photographer’s click. Here is a simple trick to tackle this problem. Keep your eyes closed and open them just before your photographer clicks.


Ensure that your makeup is perfect. Bad makeup is one of the many reasons for bad photographs. When applying your makeup, don’t forget that your foundation should match your skin tone exactly. Even if it is little too light it will reflect badly on your photograph. So make sure it is fine.


bridal makeup


Look at your old photographs:
The best and the most effective way to avert unflattering wedding photographs of you is to look at your old photographs before your wedding. Take a look at your old photographs or try posing in front of a mirror. Doing this will help you to strike a good natural pose on your wedding. Play with your facial expressions in front of your mirror. This will help you to give cute poses on your wedding.


Sleep well:
A good night’s sleep before your wedding will not only help you look fresh but also reflect on your photographs. So dear ladies, if you want to look great on your wedding, sleep well.

Smile, Smile and Smile:
Nothing looks gorgeous than a smiling face. Keep this in mind and keep smiling. Keep it natural and genuine. It is the only expression which looks good on everybody. So, when your photographer is ready to capture you, don’t forget to smile.


Let your eyes speak:
Apart from your regular bridal makeup, make sure that your eyes are beautifully enhanced. As the saying goes, “Eyes are windows to the soul,” a beautiful pair of eyes can mesmerize everyone.


Tilt your head:
Remember that you are not taking a passport size photo. Do something with your head like tilting your head sideways. Chin up and chin down can also do wonders on your photographs.


Bridal dress

Be confident:
You are the heroine of your wedding. You are the center of attraction and the most celebrated person of the event. Keep that in mind and be confident while you are striking a pose. If you keep all of these in your mind, every picture of yours will be awesome and you will look photogenic.

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