Perfect Your Eyeliner


Eyeliners play a major role in sculpting our eyes and making us look appealing and beautiful. It adds an extra beauty and life to our eyes, and makes it impressive. Eyeliner makeup might seem to be tough, since it can either make or break your makeup. We commonly use kajal as it is much simpler and that’s what our mothers’ have been using. Nowadays we have kajal, kohl and eyeliner for making our eye look gorgeous and pop up with some life. People normally get confused as to which one is the best bet for different use. So, let’s see the difference between these three basic eye makeup.


Kajal – It is basically made with a mixture of natural ingredients and soot. Being organic in nature, it soothes our eyes and also protects it from various infections.

Kohl – These pencils are made from powders, pigments and wax. They glide smoothly as kajal, and are not messy. They give one a non-smudgy look.

Eyeliner – It comes in 3 different forms; liquid, gel and pencil. Sometimes it can be a bit harsh on the eyes when compared to kajal, as it is not made from organic ingredients.

We might all go for kajal thinking it is the best option, but it’s not always so. Even though it can last for a very long time (even for days), it can get messy and it is a must that one should apply it inside the lower lashes. Whereas, a kohl pencil is great for its smoothness and easy usage, but it might smudge too. The best option would be to use eyeliner as it can perfect simple to dramatic looks and it is neat too. Eyeliners have an awesome striking effect.


For everyday normal look, you can use an intensely black kohl pencil on your lower lashline and if you want, you can apply it on your upper lids too than a gel liner, which is great for a smudge-free look.

If you want to get dramatic winged eyes or cat eyes, then liquid eyeliners are your best bet. To perfect use of liquid eyeliners, you need a steady hand. If you are not fully confident about your flicks then you can try it out with a kohl pencil. To get that perfect flick at the end of your eye, use a business card or something that can go parallel to your eyeshape at the end of your lower eyelid and drag a line continuously in correspondence to your eye shape and connect your line to the upper eyelid and finish it by filling the gap. You are lucky if you get it in your first try and remember only practice can make it perfect.


To get your sultry smokey eyes, you need something that can blend easily so, liquid or gel liners cannot be used. Kajal or a kohl pencil is ideal for it. Use it with the tip of your finger for that sexy eye.


Now, since you know the difference between these eye makeups, use it properly and try out various styles and get showered in compliments. Don’t just stick on to these 3 basic and common eye looks, try various designs and styles.

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