Overcome the Wedding Woes

Planning a wedding can be both merry-full and worrisome. From choosing your bridal wear to pin pointing a venue to tie the knot, there are lots of things to keep track of. Even the most serene person would get snapped sometimes. Being stressed during your wedding planning process is inevitable and it is quite common these days. Sometimes, horrendous planning process will get the better of you. Or Worse, you may also turn into a Bridezilla(or a Groomazilla) or may go over the edge, but following these guidelines may help you keep on the right track without getting stressed.


Stick to your Budget!

You may find this repetative, but sticking to your budget will save you from wedding stress. Figure out how much you can comfortably spend for your wedding before you start planning it. Once you have final number, pen it down. As your planing phase starts, make sure you keep this number in your mind. This will help you to stick to your budget. Blowing the budget is the main reason for wedding stress, so make sure that you keep that in check. Knowing how much you will spend for your wedding may sound little bad, but it will save you from stress in the long run.


Budget for wedding 

Have a Plan:

Once you have a clear picture about your budget, you can commence to formulate your actual plan. If you want to skip the stress which accompanies the wedding planning process, make sure that your planning is right. Have a notebook or a folder where you can keep a track of everything (if you like things to be tangible). Else, if you are a tech savvy person, you may like to use mobile wedding planning Apps or WAP sites such as MatrimonyDirectory.com to plan your wedding with ease. Keep a track of what you have done so far so that you can concentrate on ‘to do’ list.


Wedding Planner 
Stand on your ground

One of the most common things which many people face while planning their wedding is being diverted. You may have planned something, but as the days pass you will find that you are not in the right path. Some of your family members or even close friends may pull you in the direction which you have never intent to go. Whether if its your parents trying to convince you to invite many people whom you have never met in your life or your bridesmaid asking for a dress which doest’t fit your wedding colour palette, you are bound to butt head with someone. The only way to avoid turning into a bridezilla is to stay on your ground. You don’t have to upset any of your friends who suggest you things you don’t want to do(they are only trying to help you in their way). You don’t have to bend your actual plan for them either. All you have to do is to simply nod and tell “I’ll consider your suggestion”

Bride on Angry Mood


Work Ahead!

Keep your wedding planning stress at bay by starting to plan your wedding in advance. You will have ample time for last minute amendments and deal with problems that arise during your planning process. Moreover, you’ll have some time for relaxing as you prepare yourself to face your big day like beauty regimen, pre – bridal hair care etc. The more time you have before your wedding, the better. But, don’t forget to draft the budget before you plan it.

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