Wedding Trends This Year

As a fresh year stretches before us, we look forward to the future with new hope, fresh resolutions and a sense of excitement. However, if your wedding is set to take place this year, then it will be a stellar year for you.

New Year brings new wedding trends as the big fat Indian wedding gets fatter every year. In this modern time, the style and appeal of your wedding sets you apart from others. So, if you want to have a fabulous wedding, here are a few trends which will be of help to you.

Bespoke Jewellery :

Wearing exquisite Jewellery on wedding has been the tradition since time immemorial. Now bridal Jewellery has become an integral part of the bride’s personality. The trends in bridal Jewellery change every year. Long neck pieces with an elegant pendant, nature- inspired designs like exotic flower & leaf cravings, and intricately- designed Jewellery will look trendy.

Destination Weddings:

There is a growing craze for destination weddings among many Indians.  Gone are the days when weddings were held in neighborhood marriage halls. The latest trend is to celebrate your special day in the most exquisite and romantic spots. If you are wondering where to get married, here are a few suggestions. Some states like Rajasthan, Goa, and Kerala will be captivating the eyes and minds of people for various reasons. Rajasthan for its splendor, Goa for its blissful beaches and Kerala’s tranquil back waters will continue to be India’s favorite wedding destinations in 2014.

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Let your big day blossom with pretty petals:

Marigolds and roses may be the most-used wedding flowers, but it is time for a serious upgrade in flower décor. Flowers are being woven into the wedding décor more than ever by draping elaborate displays over tables, having fresh flower stage decoration, adorning the walls with flowers and dangling flowers on the wall. Flowers like orchids, jasmine and lily are fascinating and exotic.

Mehendi or a Tattoo may be?

Gone are the days when Mehendi designs were restricted to conventional motifs.  Women get saucy with exotic and intricate designs on their hands and feet. Believe it or not, even the guys are getting tattoos and mehendi done for that special day. Get specialists to design your fantasy that goes beyond convention. Moreover, many couples get tattoos for their wedding. Getting a tattoo or Body art to mark one’s wedding day is becoming an increasingly popular ritual all over the world. So go for it.

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So, choice is yours to make this year to add beauty, classic and elegance to your wedding, and will a unique occasion to remember forever in life.

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