Match your face shape with apt jewellery

Choosing the most flattering bridal jewellery which complements your face shape is as important as choosing your bridal outfit based on your body shape. In both cases you should choose the ones which will enhance your special features, else you may end up creating a fashion blunder. If you wear wrong jewellery, you may end up emphasizing the weak points in your face, which will overlap the effectiveness of your perfect bridal wear, hairstyle and makeup. As jewellery is the most eye catching part of your bridal look, make sure your bridal jewellery accentuates your facial features. If you aren’t sure which kind of jewellery will suit your face shape, this article will be a perfect guide for you.


Round Face:
If you are a round faced beauty choose long and curved lines. This will add some angle to your face. Go for long and dangling earrings. Wearing long earrings will create an illusion and make your face look longer. But make sure that you don’t wear big and round studs, they will make your face look even more rounder. Instead, wear square or rectangle shaped earrings. They will minimize the roundness of your face. When you choose a necklace, make sure that you select the ones which extends below the neckline.

Round Face Shape

Oval Face:
If your face is oval, you should avoid wearing long earrings. They will make your face look longer. Go for elegant chandelier or simple studs as they suit you the best. Circular or triangular shaped earrings will enhance your look and will add roundness to your face. Oval faced beauties will look stunning if they wear a choker set.

oval face

Heart Shape:
If you have a narrow chin, a wide forehead and striking cheekbones, you have a heart shaped face. You have an assortment of earring models to choose from. Tear drop, chandelier, triangular and circular earrings will suit you very well. You may for the ones which are wider in the bottom as it will balance your facial look. But make sure you don’t wear heart shaped hoops. You can compliment your earrings with a small chain in your neck because short necklace will soften your narrow chin.

Heart Shape Face

Square Shape/Rectangle Shape:
If the width of your jaw and your forehead are same then you have a square face or rectangle if the length of your face is long. You can try teardrop earrings or danglers. Both will look fabulous on you. Make sure you don’t opt for square or rectangle shaped earrings as they won’t look flattering on you. The trick is to add roundness to your face and soften the angle of your jawline. When choosing a necklace, make sure you pick something that is long and round, like a string of pearls.

Rectangular Shape Face
So dear ladies, before you start shopping for your wedding jewels, keep these above tips in mind.

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