How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Gown

Finding out the perfect wedding gown is very important. It is a very tedious process. Thinking will it fit properly or will the colour suit my complexion are always some of the very important questions that arise in a bride’s mind when it comes to selecting the bridal gown.


The location of your wedding plays a crucial role in selecting the wedding dress. If you are having your wedding ceremony on the beach, avoid ball gowns with dramatic embellishments. If your wedding happens in Church, don’t wear short slip dresses or dresses that looks like it can be worn to a cocktail party.

Set your budget on how much you want to spend for your wedding dress. Gown includes veil, heels, undergarments, gloves( if you want) and other accessories comprises around 15% of your total wedding cost. Begin shopping around six to nine months before wedding because it takes around three to four months to make a wedding gown.

The very first thing that comes when selecting a wedding gown is its style. Wedding gown silhouette varies depending upon the shape of the bride. Basically wedding gown silhouette is categorised into different styles.


A-line: The A-line or princess dress comes with a fitted waist and the vertical seams that falls from the shoulders to a skirt forming an “A” shape. If your weight is concentrated in the middle, choose A-line.

Ball gown: This is a classic fairytale or cinderella wedding gown. It is a fitted corset with a full big skirt that brushes the floor. It looks good on women with small waists.

Empire: These gowns have a raised waistline, becoming a skirt over the hips and flairs a little bit to the floor. It can be worn by most body types and looks good on small-breasted women.

Mermaid: Otherwise called as trumpet skirt. As the name goes, it hugs your body and is also the sexiest style present. If you are confident, this dress will show off your curves.

Sheath: Also called as column dress. It is slim and falls gradually to your body line. It elongates your body look, so it is suitable for short brides.


Now coming to colours for the wedding dress. Most brides know what color suits them the best and in what colour they look beauitful. Since that day is all about taking wedding pictures, memories and fun, many brides want to look their best in colours that compliment their skintone.

If you are having theme wedding, you can colour coordinate your dressing with the colour of your wedding. As we are from India and we are mostly of dusky complexion, we should be very careful in selecting the colour.

Pale Fair / Cool : Cool skin tones are those with pale and fair skin without any brown tones. You will look stunning in pure white wedding dress with silver accessories.

Fair / Warm : Fair skin with pink or red undertone has a warmer skin tone. Ivory which is of cream white colour along with gold accessories will look beautiful for fair/ warm skintone.

Wheatish / Bronze : White or ecru would look gorgeous on this skintone. Golden accessories will enhance your beauty.

Ebony Skin Tone : This is a darker skin tone. Either pure white dress or an ecru will suit the best. Both silver and gold accessories will compliment your skintone.

It’s your big day and you have to look absolutely ravishing. So all the best on gown hunting!!

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