Funny Wedding Traditions and beliefs

Weddings are made up of numerous beliefs and conditions. Let us explore the most funniest and weirdest traditions and customs followed in international weddings.

No matter what wedding it is, always it has a start, middle and a happy ending. Like other weddings Christian Weddings also involve, Pre-wedding, Wedding and Post-Wedding Ceremonies.The Engagement takes place, prior to the following Pre-wedding Ceremony.

wedding beliefs

Wedding and Luck

Certain people consider the following as a sign related to the wedding. It includes both good and bad sign.

1. If you happen to see a black cat on your wedding day, then it is considered to be a good sign.

2. If your Engagement ring is made of pearl, then it is believed to be a bad luck. Since pearl’s shape is more similar to that of a tear, they consider it as a bad sign.

3. According to Hindu custom, if it rains on your wedding day, it is considered as a good luck.

hindu marriage belief
4. In order to bring luck to the bride, the Egyptian women pinches the bride on her wedding day.

5. If the bride happens to find a black spider in her wedding dress, then its good luck.

6. In Holland, the newly wed plants a pine tree, to bring luck to their life.

7. If a cat sneezes on or before the wedding, then it is lucky for the bride.

8. If the groom to be drops the wedding ring on the floor, then the wedding is doomed

Marriage traditional belief
9. Wednesday is the luckiest day to get married, where as Saturday is the unlukiest day to get married.

10. A sapphire in a wedding ring will bring happiness into the couple’s life.

Customs and Traditions

The following are the wedding related customs and traditions which are followed all over the world.
Some of them will make you burst into laughter.

Blackening the bride – In Scotland, the friends of the bride blackens her by pouring and throwing all the disgusting spoilt food items such as rotten egg, stinking fish on her. This is still continued in Scotland, to ward off the evil spirits from the bride.

groom belief
Swear war – In Africa, during the wedding ceremony, both bride and groom’s family utters insults back and forth at one another.

Weird Wedding – In India, it is believed that if you marry a dog or a tree, all your bad luck will be gone.

Stay away from the washroom – In Northern Borneo, the Tidong community has a custom where the newly weds should not use the bathroom for three nights and three days. And because of this, the couple starves by drinking a little water every now and then. It is also believed that if the couple breaks this custom, they will have to face a very bad luck throughout their lives.

Jumping over the broom – It is a widespread custom, where the newlywed couple jumps over the broom. This custom symbolizes sweeping away the old past and starting a new beginning.

Beat the feet – In South Korea, before entering the wedlock, the groom receives a good beating treatment from his friends. They beat the groom’s feet with dried yellow corvina to make him more stronger.

These are some of the weirdest and funniest traditions and customs followed all over the world even today.

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