Five Tips for Fixing up your Venue

Nothing can beat the pre-wedding excitement and euphoria. Likewise nothing is harder than making the wedding plans. Finding an ideal wedding venue is the first and foremost things to do in your wedding check list. Indian weddings might happen in a day or two or even three but what matters the most is where it is happening. Unless it is a beach wedding, you got to put more effort in finding and fixing your wedding venue. Choosing the wedding venues need loads of patience, experience and demanding skills. To make this task as simple as a pie, you can abide by the following five tips.

Look for the location

Always look for the place and surroundings of the venue. The venue might be perfect but if it is in the outskirts, then it will lead to other transportation charges. So make sure that the venue is easily approachable and accessible for all your family and friends. It would be better if the venue is nearby any railway station or bus stop. It will serve as the perfect landmark for your venue. Added to this you have to check on the parking facilities and space, to avoid the last-minute chaos.

wedding palace


Don’t go by the looks
As the saying goes, appearances are deceptive, you should never go by the looks of the venue. The venue that looks new and fine might dent your pocket or might not provide proper services. You must check for the facilities available in the venue. The facilities include seating space, Room facility, Current availability, Restroom Facility, Water Facility and other required services.

wedding venue

Keep options
It is always better and safe to have wide options while choosing your wedding venue. Don’t commit to the very first venue straight away without thinking about the choices. It is advisable to glance and check out other available venues in and around your area because there is always something better available. Consider these deciding factors and choose the venue accordingly.

wedding mandap

Enquire and then conquer
A word of mouth is not enough for choosing a venue. So nothing wrong in being skeptical, when it comes to making a big decision like paying or choosing a venue. Dust off the sherlock Holmes hiding within you and enquire all your friends and surroundings about the venue. Count the number of weddings and events previously happened there in that venue and check if the had any problems while conducting their event or wedding. If the answer is yes, then find the alternative solution to it. Your mantra should be Look before you leap.

Agree on an agreement
A pen is mightier than the sword. Once you find the perfect venue, which gratifies all your requirements, then go ahead and book it. But before that have a written agreement about your payment and their promised services.

wedding hall

Thus if you stick on to the above mentioned facts, fixing a wedding venue will become a piece of cake. Hope you find the perfect venue for hosting your peerless wedding.

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