First 5 Wedding Planning Steps For Newly Engaged Couples

Be it a gorgeous diamond, an antique emerald, a ruby or even a peal; an engagement ring signals the start of an exciting adventure, during which you will navigate inspiring venues, fabulous flowers, scrumptious cuisines and flaunting apparels. All these will lead to a simply beautiful wedding day celebration that reflects you and your groom.

We know the hassle of planning a wedding, which is why we are sharing some wedding planning tips with you. If you are newly engaged to wed and want to kick start your wedding plan, you may find the below tips useful.


Draft the Wedding Budget Plan

The first and the foremost task of planning a wedding involve sketching the budget. Discuss with your family members and your partner’s family about it. Once you have had the chat, you will be able to confirm your wedding budget. What should you do next? Open a savings account; keeping your wedding fund separate from your main bank account is a smart move!


Wedding fund

Set a Date

From magnificent halls to artistic resorts, you may have your heart set on a particular venue already; if so, check for the availability of the venue and set the date accordingly. Are you footloose and fancy free? Then choose the date and then view a selection of venues that have availability on that day.


set the date

Keep a record of everything!

Write every aspect of your wedding plan on paper and keep it in a folder. Yes, we mean it literally. Your beautiful wedding is planned on that pile of papers. Align everything in order, such as RSVP list, dietary requirements, supplier quotes & contacts, signed agreements and expenditure to date. Believe us; it will be quite handy when you implement your plan.



Prepare the guest list

Practice makes perfect, sit down early on with your family members and jot down your dream guest list – the must haves and the maybes. Your venue and budget may limit the number of guests you can invite; therefore you might need to revise your guest list and once it is done select a wedding invitation design and order the number of prints as per the guest list. It is better to have 10 – 15 invites extra, just in case if needed.


Be Inspired and Be Prepared!

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity for you to conjure up a day that truly reflects you classic, contemporary or eclectic, the list is endless! Gain inspiration from wedding blogs and by signing up for their e-newsletters and following them on Facebook or Twitter, you will have a constant supply of creativity, unique ideas and general bridal loveliness.



Like to get hands on? Start a folder to hold fabric samples, gorgeous images torn from magazines, notes and much more.

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