Dramatic Smoked Eyes with Nude Lips

Dramatize and define your eyes on your wedding day with the help of sultry smoky eye makeup complimented by a soft nude lip colour to highlight your bridal look. Smoky eye makeup is a versatile application style that can make any colour eyes sparkle. It doesn’t matter what skin tone or eye colour you have, there’s a smoky look to suit you. Done the right way, this trend ensures a glamorous look for anyone who wants their eyes to truly stand out on the day of their wedding.


The style can also be reworked in varying intensity and colours to be worn for a variety of occasions – day or night. However, it is important to learn the tips and tricks of creating this classic celeb -approved beauty look to avoid any last minutes makeup disasters. You can also take the help of professional bridal stylists like Bodycraft Spa and Salon to get your desired smoky eyes and nude lips wedding look.

Perfecting Your Minimalist Bridal Look:

Read on to find some quick and easy steps to highlight your bridal look with dramatic smoky eyes and nude lips:

Step One: Getting Your Eyes Ready

Before applying your eye shadow, prep your eye lids by creating a neutral palette. Start by using a little foundation as a base across your eyes. Always remember to use a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it to your eyelids lightly to get the most natural look.

smokey eye
To cover any dark areas or spots, use a little concealer before the foundation and blend outwards using your finger tips. Finally, a little compact or powder over your eyelids will deliver a natural coverage, perfect to seal and refresh the foundation. Not only will this help to keep the eye shadow creases away, but it’ll also help ensure that the colour and powder stays on your eyes.

Step Two: Apply Highlighter

Before applying the highlighter, ensure that your eyebrows are well-shaped and coloured as the smoky eye makeup will draw attention to them. Next dab the highlighter on the inner corner of your eyebrow. This is the lightest of all the three different eye shades that you are going to use for your bridal smoky eye makeup. Gently sweep the highlighter directly under your eyebrows from one corner to the other.

Smoky makeup
Step Three: Adding the Medium Shadow

Use a medium eye shadow shade and sweep it across the natural crease of your eyelid. Do make sure that the mediumshade is blended at the inside corners with your highlighter to avoid any harsh divide between the two colours.

smokey bridal makeup
Step Four: Apply a Dark Shadow

Now that you have the lighter shades on, it’s time to get the smoky effect. For a conventional smoked eye look, you need a darker eye shadow in variations of black starting with a lighter grey and moving towards a jet black shade at the corners.

smokey makeup tips
You can also get a smoky eye effect in a different shade like purple, grey or blue by moving from a lighter to a darker tone of the colour. Another variation of the smoky eye look that is quite popular with brides these days is the frosted effect where a gold or a silver frosted shade is used at the beginning and the corners are heavily smoked in black.

Step Five: Add Your Eye Liner

If you’re looking for a classic smoky eye look, line both the top and lower rims with a dark black, brown or grey eye pencil. Start by lining at the inner corner where your lashes begin and move slowly towards the outer corner.

Step Six: Curl Your Lashes

Creating a smoky eye isn’t just about applying the eye shadow, it’s the overall look. To make your eyes completely stand out, curl your lashes and apply generous coats of mascara to add definition to your eyes.


Step Seven: Nude Lips

If you are looking for the classy smoky look for your wedding, nude lip colours can help you to accentuate the effect. Professional stylists like Bodycraft Spa and Salon uses natural colours like peach, pastel, or barely there pink along with gloss to finish up the lips. Nude lips help to downplay the rest of the face when a dramatic smoky eye takes central stage. Complete the look with the application of a nude shade of blush as well.

There you have it, a smouldering stare in just minutes! Just keep practicing and showcase your stunning smoky eyes on your wedding day by following these simple tips.

Important Bridal Makeup Tips:

  1. The secret in creating the perfect smoky eye look is blending the lighter shades with the darker hue. So, ensure that all the three different shades are blended to perfection.
  2. Dab loose powder under the eye buds, just below the lower lines of the eyes. This acts as a protective layer and ensures that the under eye foundation doesn’t get spoiled while applying the eye shadows.
  3. To remove any mascara that has smeared along your eyelid or cheeks, use a q-tip dipped in makeup remover.
  4. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, you can also opt for false eye lashes.
  5. To make your eyes look even more glamorous, you can also a little glitter to your smoky eyes for a more striking look.

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