Christian Weddings

Christian Weddings are known for their heart throbbing romantic ceremonies. Also most of the fairy tale weddings are christian weddings, where you can come across the phrases like “I do”, “Now you may kiss the bride”. Christian weddings are always referred to as Holy Matrimony, Sacrament by different kinds of Christians. The wedding is supposed to be “held in honour among all”. Lets have a close look at Christian Wedding Ceremonies.

No matter what wedding it is, always it has a start, middle and a happy ending. Like other weddings Christian Weddings also involve, Pre-wedding, Wedding and Post-Wedding Ceremonies.The Engagement takes place, prior to the following Pre-wedding Ceremony.

christian wedding bride


Pre-Wedding Ceremony

Bridal Shower
In this Ceremony, the bride-to-be is honoured by her female friends and family members. The Bridal Shower is usually hosted by the bridesmaid or the bride’s mother. The person in-charge fixes a date for this function, where all the female friends and family members of the bride gathers together to cheer up the bride. It is more like a spinster party, where the bride enjoys her singlehood with her girl friends. Certain people celebrate this Bridal Shower in a grand manner by booking venue and others enjoys it in a simple manner.

christian wedding ceremony

Bachelor’s Party:
Bachelor’s Party is meant exclusively for the groom-to-be. It is the day, when the groom’s male friends treats him by throwing a big party. The groom enjoys his last day of his bachelorhood and gets ready for entering the wedlock.

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Wedding Ceremony

Here comes the Bride

In the Christian Weddings, the groom’s family invites the bride by sending a car to her place. After reaching the Church, the groom’s best man welcomes the bride by offering her a bouquet of flowers. The bride’s father walks his daughter down the aisle and hands her to the groom.


Wedding vows
The priest initiates the wedding mass with biblical hymns and later the couple are asked to exchange their wedding rings. After the exchange of rings the couple takes their wedding vows. At the end the Priest says, “Now you may kiss the bride” and
Post Wedding Rituals

christian wedding bride

The Post Wedding Ceremonies includes wedding dance, toast and cake cutting. The newly wed couple dances to their favorite music along with other couples. Later the toastmaster offers a toast in the honour of the newly wed couple. As a grand finale, the couple cuts their wedding cake and enjoys their remarkable wedding day. Added to all these gala, there will be live music or bands playing in the background of the ceremony. It adds more spice to the event.
Thus Christian Weddings are simple, elegant and at the same time enjoyable. The highlights of the Christian Weddings are Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid dress, Bestman’s Suit and last but not the least the yummy wedding cake.

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