How to choose a saree based on your body type

Saree is one of the many words which would come to the mind of any foreigner when he/she thinks about India. Since time immemorial, it has been an iconic piece of clothing in India and still stands tall amongst all other Indian clothes.

Any woman can look chic in a saree, but the trick is to choose the perfect one which suits you the best. You should consider many factors such as your height, complexion, and shape before you choose a saree. If you aren’t aware which type of saree would look perfect on you and compliment your looks, worry not for we have the perfect solution. Here are a few tips on choosing a saree based on one’s appearance.


The tall ones:

Well, many would envy you people as you can carry off any type of saree. But, to enhance your look, you can opt sarees with broad and big borders. You will look nothing less than elegant in those sarees with bold borders. It is also advisable to go for bold colours as it will intensify your look.


Tall 1

 A silk saree with big border and heavy Zari work is an apt choice for a tall woman


Contrasting border works well

The short ones:

If you think that wearing a saree is a bad idea, then think again! If chosen wisely, a saree would be your ideal clothing item. Make sure that your saree doesn’t have broad or big borders as it will make you look too short. On the contrary, opt the ones without any borders or go for thin borders. And don’t forget that the sarees with big prints are a strict no-no’s.

Rani has a got the combination right!



 Thin border and small prints works well for Shradda Kapoor


The plus size ones:
Dear plus size beauties, fabrics such as Chiffon, Georgette and Mysore silk are the ones which will suit you very well. It will not only enhance your look but also make you look slim. It is better to avoid cotton and tissue sarees as it will make you look bigger. Opt for monochrome colors as it will make you look taller and yeah off course slim.



Stunning lady in Black!!



Vidya dons the perfect look with monochromatic saree


The slim ones:

If you are thin, then you have a variety of fabrics to choose from. Cotton saree is a great choice as it will give a fuller effect. Silk and tissue sarees are also a good choice. It is best to wear the ones with heavy embroidery works or even the ones with organdy.



Trisha looks chic in this Cotton Silk Saree




Embroidery works adds volume to the stunning Deepika


The Fair ones:

Almost any shade will suit a fair skin tone. You may want to go with shades such as pink, lavender and peach for evening events. If you opt to wear silk saree, go for shades such as orange and maroon. Turquoise and green aren’t a bad choice either.



Bright colours always looks good on fair skin




Kat looks too good in pink

The dusky ones:

First of all, it is better to avoid bright shades such as orange and fuchsia. Hues such as brownish gold or brownish red will be fabulous on you. Earthy shades, Maroon and deep red are also a good choice.



Sneha looks elegant in this Maroon Silk saree


Further more, a suitable hairstyle and complimenting accessories will give a great look to your saree look.

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