Choose Makeup Artist

Woman and makeup go hand in hand since the invention of the makeup items. As a little girl, you would have brought out the supermodel makeup artist in you while using your mom’s makeup products. So, why should you have to compromise on your bridal makeup artist?


Booking a makeup artist may not be on your priority list during your wedding planning process, but how you look on your wedding day matters a lot. The last thing you want is to look weary or confused on your wedding photographs because of your makeup. Here is a little tip to avoid it. Hire an expert makeup artist. ‘But how will I choose one? ‘ This may be your question. Well, we at Matrimony Directory always guide you during your wedding planing process. With these guidelines, you’ll be closer to find the best pair of hands which will enhance your beauty and make you look drop dead gorgeous on your wedding day.

Find an experienced one:

Here is the first question you should ask yourself before searching for a make up artist “Is he/she an experienced one?” Don’t choose a beginner or a newcomer unless he/she has a heavy recommendation from your friends. Your makeup artist should know what kind of makeup would accentuate your facial features. Moreover, a professional makeup artist knows which kind of makeup would go hand in hand with your wedding theme. For example if you plan a beach wedding, your make up must resist sunlight, salty air and moist breeze. An experienced makeup artist knows which kind of makeup will suit the conditions. Shortlist at least 5 experienced makeup artist/salon and meet them personally.

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Check their availability:

Hiring a makeup artist without checking their availability is a strict no-no. Don’t mistake that your makeup artist will be available just because you have met him/her once. The most proficient salons/makeup-artist require a confirmed bookings at-least a couple of weeks before your wedding. Also, if you have multiple ceremonies on the same day for which you want to sport different looks, make sure your makeup artist is by your side all day. As long as your makeup artist is by your side on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry about smudged kajal or tainted lipstick, the makeup police is there to the rescue.


Your comfort level with the makeup artist matters:

You may have hired the top notch makeup artist for your wedding, but if you feel uneasy and uncomfortable during your make up session, it may reflect badly on your makeup. When you meet your makeup artist before your wedding, you get to know about them better. If you aren’t able to build a rapport with your makeup artist during your personal meetings and negotiations, don’t finalize them. Your makeup artist should listen to your needs and desire and then incorporate his or her suggestions with your ideas so that it works well for you. These days, most bride to be do their homework about their bridal look, they check out many tips and suggestions from their friends. Unless you trust your makeup artist blindly, we suggest you to follow some bridal makeup tips online, so that you can share your ideas with your make up artist.

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Get a free trial:

As we have discussed already, failing to have a makeup trial before your wedding is one of the most common wedding planning blunders. So don’t avoid it. Wear a dress which is of same colour as your wedding attire during your makeup trail. This will give you a realistic idea about your look on your wedding day. Also, you will know if the makeup complements your bridal wear. So, this is indeed the right time for changes if you aren’t satisfied with the makeup. You can talk with your makeup artist and try out other ideas until you are satisfied.

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