How to Choose a Creative Wedding Card?

Just like choosing the right wedding dress, choosing the right invitations can cause panic attacks amongst wedding planners. We believe that first impressions last forever and wedding invitations set the theme and tone for the whole wedding event – not to forget that they’ll last a lifetime in your in-law’s scrapbook.

This is a fun process so take your time to consider the following whilst planning for your wedding invitation card.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Till date, most of us considered that the widely used two-fold card is the perfect choice for a wedding card. Well, it has become completely outdated in recent times.


We believe that it would be right to select a customized wedding invite that caters to the individual personality, needs and requirements of the bride and groom. The traditional cards are generally colored in white, red or gold. We think that utilizing colors such as blue and purple would not only render a vivid and unique outlook to your wedding invitation but also influence the guests into paying extra attention.



Many couples struggle with choosing the right theme for their wedding invitations. We suggest that your theme should correspond to the overall style of the wedding and the personality of the bride and groom. Our best advice is to stick with a color theme rather than resorting to a particular design theme since narrow design themes could eliminate choices even before having considered them.

Consider the following for a couple that met each other whilst working in a bank.


After having selected the right theme, the next process is to choose the design. Whether it is a traditional wedding, beach wedding, big fat Indian wedding or a royal wedding, choosing the right design for the invitation is one of the most important aspects that would pave the way for everything else. It could be elegant and classy or modern and creative, nevertheless, we suggest that your wedding card should be linked to the interests of the bride and groom.

A wedding invitation for travel enthusiasts could look something like this.


A couple that has met through social mediums such as WhatsApp could adopt a design like this.


The wedding invitation is the first peek at your wedding style. Its content would highlight the bliss of your wedding. There are several things you should take into consideration here such as its colors, shape, size, font, readability, and most importantly choosing the right words to welcome your guests. We suggest creative words that would surely capture the attention of the reader and assure their special presence on your wedding day.


Wedding invitations have a tendency to get pricey. It is very challenging to strike a fine balance between the level of detail and quality required. You can save costs through vendors that provide free delivery and other package deals, using less expensive paper and materials, limiting the size of the invitation or literally going paperless through online invitations only. It not only becomes budget friendly but also allows you to express yourself.
Using your ideas and tools for developing creative wedding cards such as these are highly recommended.


Mario-Style-Wedding-CardDo’s and Dont’s of Choosing the Right Wedding Card


Ease your wedding invitation stress by carrying out a simple research prior to contacting vendors. List only the key points in your wedding invitation. Select the theme of the wedding card which corresponds to your wedding theme.


While traditional brides consider wedding invitations with gold or silver colored lettering, we think that such embellishments make the couple seem boring and no couple wants that look. We strongly suggest against placing a full order of invitations before purchasing a sample. In addition to this, avoid sacrificing readability for creativity.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, unique wedding invitations can act as a source of inspiration for guests to come forward and plan for attending your wonderful wedding ceremony. Put all that together and it is easy to see why a wedding invite plays a crucial role on your special day.

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