Capture Your Special Day in 3D!


With the current updates in technology, more and more individuals are looking for different ways to revolutionize their lives. Why not revolutionize your wedding photographs then? Why not add another dimension to them?

If you think candid photographs and wedding cinematography are the current trends in wedding photography, then you may not have heard about 3D Photographs. 3 Dimensional photography has become the latest wedding trend not just in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore but even in smaller cities too. Many people feel that the conventional wedding photographs are too mainstream so they opt for the next big thing which is the 3D Photography. Nowadays, the brides and grooms opt to have their wedding photographs shot in 3D despite the hassle of wearing the 3D glass to view them. This new kind of photography conjures a great illusion which will enhance your wedding appeal.

When compared to the ordinary 2D photographs, 3D photos provide a lasting impression that will be remembered for many years to come. Rather than flipping through an album full of photographs which is usual, put on some red-cyan glasses and view your wedding photos in a way that you have never done before. Whichever style of photography you would like to choose, when filmed in 3D, it   gives an enthralling appeal.

How does it work?

The 3D photography works precisely on the same principle as a normal human eye. We humans see the world around us in 3 Dimensions as we can see the depth of each thing around us. Photographers utilize this very concept and captures images in 3D. This effect can be achieved either by using high-quality 3D cameras or through a dual lens or sensor system to capture a particular scene from different positions. It is also possible by using a standard single lens camera and moving the camera to click different pictures between the shots, but for this specialized computer software is used to infuse the 3D effect into these pictures. As this new kind of photography is quite close to reality, young couples prefer this style.


When looked with a 3D Glass, you may feel as though you look at them in reality.

Who offers this service?

Right now, many photographers all over the nation are adapting to this style of photography. Studios such as 3D Red Eye , in Chennai MSP 3D Videos in Madurai,Vivah Photos and Anil Digital Photography in Pune, Arcus Photography in Kolkata, Luxmi Digital Studio in Delhi and Photo Bubbles in Bangalore are some of the well-known and most sought after studios which offer 3D photography. These studios have offered their 3D photography services for many weddings and have fascinated their clients with their works.  With the advancement in technology and the increase in this trend, many studios will start to offer this kind of service in the near future.

Will it cost much?

The cost of 3D photography may vary between few thousands to lakhs per day depending on the studios and features of the services they offer. The average cost for this style of photography ranges between Rs 25000 to 30000 per day. If you want to cover your entire wedding including the pre and the post wedding photographs in 3D, it may range up to 5 Lakhs.  It may cost a bit more than the regular photography services, but it is worth the cost if you crave for splendid and unique images.

These kind of photographs will create an illusion as though you are inside the photograph. That is the beauty of 3 Dimensional images. You can cherish the memory of these shots for the rest of your lives.

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