Bridal wear tips for the plus size brides.

Finding the perfect bridal wear is one of the tedious tasks. It is a little bit of a worry if you are a plus size bride. Well, one of the most wonderful things about the Indian bridal attire is that they suit women of all sizes. Any type of bridal wear can suit you, be it a lehanga or a saree, if you know a few tricks to play around with the cuts and colours, you can don the perfect bridal look. Here are a few tips for the plus size brides to sport a stunning look on their wedding day.


Know your body type:

Last week, we discussed about the dress types which suits various body shapes. It is the first and the most important tip, dress according to your body shape. For a plus size bride, there are three important body types, they are apple shaped where the top is heavy, pear shaped where the bottom is heavy and a round-shaped body, which means that they gain weight overall. Before you shop for your wedding dress, understand your body type and shop accordingly.



Choose the suitable outfit

If you are heavier on the top, choose blouses with plunging necklines and empire waistline dresses. Necklines which are either U shaped or V shaped will be a great choice. If you have ample bottoms, choose A-cut lehengas which fall straight down from your waist. If you have a wide midriff, the best options are long blouses that cover your midriff and accentuate the bust line.
Saree is the favourite attire for plus-size women of all body types. If you play around with the blouse patterns you can sport a balanced look. Wear a saree with a long designer blouse that has a beautiful pattern on the neck. However, since the beauty of a saree lies in the nicely curving waist, women with a wide midriff might want to avoid a saree and wear a lehenga. Go for full sleeves and long cholis that look flattering on plus-size, voluptuous women. Blouse or choli with crisscross strings can be a better choice, if you want to go a little bold yet look classy.



Colours play a huge role:

Many plus size women instinctively choose darker colours in order to conceal their bulkiness. Well, the thing is, you don’t have to stick to it alone. Even lighter colour will give a great appeal. Opt for a monochrome look, rather than going for the darker ones. One single colour, whether it is light or dark, can make you look not only slim but tall as well. So, if you want to go for a rich colour, go for either red, or royal blue or gold. You can also mix two colours with similar hues, say certain shades of red and pink can be matched together to complement each other.


Don’t say no to embroidery

Usually plus-size women do not pay a lot of attention to embroidery and embellishments, but if used well, they can make you look slim. Identify the most attractive parts of your body and highlight them using bright coloured embroidery. But, be careful with the use of glimmering sequins, they look only good in moderation because they may make you look larger. Instead, go for zari in gold, silver or copper colours.



Keep the prints small or medium sized

If you like prints on your fabrics make sure that you avoid large patterns and prints. Choose medium-sized butti sand borders. Most importantly, if you opt for stripes then follow a vertical pattern instead of horizontal. Horizontal lines would make you look heavier.


Choose the right fabric

When it comes to fabrics, you can pick from a wide range. Choose smooth and flowing fabrics such as georgette, crepe, chiffon, net, soft silk and satin. Avoid fabrics that are stiff as it will make you look broad. Tussar silk and cotton, for instance, are not ideal choices for plus-size brides. Velvet is a bad choice too. So, go for fabrics that would give you a balanced shape by snugly falling on your body and highlighting your better side.


Say yes to custom made dresses

Last but not least, find a good designer and get custom-made dresses. Try them out before the wedding and alter it if required. Also, avoid too much layering in your bridal outfit. Extra layers will only make you look broader. Opt for an outfit which perfectly fits you. Do not go for a larger size just in the hope of concealing the flaws, this would look unflattering on you.

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