Avoid these 5 common wedding planning blunders!!!

Your wedding day is the most awaited day of your life. On this day, you want everything to go according to the script, but sometimes inevitable mistakes tend to happen. Even a small flaw in your meticulous plan may reflect badly during your wedding. There are a few common wedding blunders which many make while planning their wedding, so make sure that you don’t make any of them. We are all humans and we tend to make mistakes, but averting them beforehand makes you smart. If you are not sure whether you are on a right track to script a flawless wedding, don’t worry, the below mentioned mistakes may help you avoid them.


Not setting a clear budget!!!

The first and foremost thing you should do before planning a wedding is to set a clear budget. Once you have a clear picture on how much you are going to spend, everything will fall into place. No wonder many make a big blunder on their budget. Many exceed their wedding budget and blow it up. It is better to draft a wedding budget based on the available funds. Having a clear understanding of what you want on your wedding day may help you come up with a good budget. After you set a budget, make sure that you stick to it.



Not having a Hair & Makeup trail before your big day.

Amidst all your planning process, failing to allocate a Hair & Makeup trail may turn out to be the biggest blunder you would ever make. You may have planned everything perfectly, but what if your make up and hairdo doesn’t turn out like you have expected? To avoid this mess, make sure that you have a hair and makeup trail session at least a week before your wedding. This will make you and your makeup artist to form an acquaintance so that you will be very comfortable during your wedding makeup session. Moreover, it also sets an opportunity to evaluate your makeup artist in advance. If you aren’t satisfied, you still got time to choose another one.


make up

Forgetting to pay the bills!!!

Never forget to pay your suppliers, unless you want everything to turn bad on your dream day. With so much to keep track of, there may be things which we tend to forget and unfortunately for some, forgetting to pay their suppliers plays a spoilsport. If there are certain bills which have to be cleared before the event, make sure that you pay them all.


Pay Bills

Never challenge the mother nature!

Your beautiful and romantic outdoor wedding may turn out miserable if you fail to have a Plan B, just in case it rains. The first rule to plan an outdoor wedding is to have a back up plan. When we envision our wedding, we never visualize the nature’s blessings in the form of shower, but what if mother nature decides to pay you a visit? So, make sure that you tackle her with smartness.


Mother Nature

Not sampling your food


One of the most wonderful things about the Indian weddings is the scrumptious food. Nothing is as reveling as savoring lip smacking food at a wedding. Your guests will feel bad if your wedding food is not upto the mark, it may also spoil your reputation among your guests. So make sure that you get to taste their food before hiring them. Moreover, make sure that you have options for your vegetarian guest, if you plan to have a Non Veg menu.


Non Veg

We hope that we have saved you from doing any of the above mistakes. So, while planning your wedding make sure that you keep these things in mind.

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