Add some Music to your Big day

Music spices up all the special events and when it comes to Indian weddings, music is the part and parcel of the whole ceremony. After all those tiring planning and wedding formalities, all you need is some fun moment , so make sure to implant some energetic music to kick start your chucklesome celebration.


Selection of music totally depends on your taste in music. You may have love for light music or can be passionate about traditional carnatic music or even the cheesy disco. The choice varies according to your like and taste. So here is a simple list out that would pump up some creative ideas.

Dug in the DJ in you:
Everyone are unique, so is their taste in music. In spite of choosing your wedding musician, you can be one. Sounds fun isn’t it? Yes ofcourse it is the most cheapest and easiest way to spice up your dream day . All you have to do is to draw a playlist of your choice and must que it in windows media player or let your friend be the DJ on your dream day.

DJ Music

Get back to classic:
Indians tend to be more traditional and culture loving people. So to drag the crowd, you can book the classical carnatic singers. You can even make it an instrumental delight which will add more soothing environment to your celebration. But make sure to hire the music artists in advance in order to avoid the last minute chaos.

Culture Traditional Music

Hire a Band:
Break those bygone traditions and book a band. Music bands can be way out of mainstream and new try in weddings. There is no problem unless your favorite music band is in the peak season. If thats the case, then you got to go out of your planned budget. The better alternative is to choose the upcoming music bands who will charge comparatively less.

Band Hire

Light Music:
Light Music has become very familiar in these days weddings. The light music troupe is made up of few musicians and a lead singer. Make sure to choose a troupe with a good lead singer or else the whole joy will be spoiled.

Light music in wedding

Gear up your grand day by choosing the best out of this but make sure to make a wise choice.

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