A twist to the traditional jewellery

Long gone are the days when young Indian women wanted to wear traditional jewellery. Now the contemporary brides don’t want to adorn themselves with traditional gold jewellery from head to toe; moreover, it is to be noted that gold is not the preferred metal by the brides these days. However, with a little bit of twist to the traditional gold jewellery, you can look chic and still retain the tradition.

The key is to keep it minimal; by keeping your jewellery minimal, you become the center of attraction. When you wear minimal yet exquisite jewellery, you will look elegant.


If you like to don a traditional royal look on your wedding, why not try an intricately designed neck-piece. We all love the way the neck piece covers the upper part of the body, don’t we? A design which has the combination of intricate pattern and chunky feel will add elegance to the bride. A big neck piece of this style is just enough to make a style statement on your wedding day. Pair this kind of neck-piece with dangling bold earnings, they are the perfect match.



If your love for gold never cease, then go for bold neck – piece with beautiful designs which are embedded by gemstones like Ruby or Emerald. The combination of gold and red or green stones will look both trendy and traditional. Just make sure that there aren’t too much of stones on it because the beauty lies on the little hint of those stones as it breaks the monotony of the gold.



We know it’s always been a challenge for brides to find their dream jewellery in gold; but colour jewellery is stunning! This kind of jewellery is versatile and can be worn for a reception and even after the wedding as a part of your trousseau. It is a good investment as such designs are more wearable and chic.



If you want to keep your jewellery very subtle yet unique then we recommend you to wear a pearl – gold combination. We love the combination of pearls, and precious stones with gold. Just in case you feel this is too little for the wedding, it’s surely a must have for your closet!


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