5 Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man

Dear ladies, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, so have you decided what to gift your guy? Gifting something special to your guy can be tricky, but year after year, it’s the same thing. Whenever your guy’s birthday, festivals or Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’re always stuck brainstorming for the perfect gift.

If you think chocolates, roses and beautiful soft toys will be a good choice; then erase that thought from your mind, because they are a strict no-no. Get something thoughtful. Enough contemplating the gifting options if you still don’t know what to gift your guy. Here are few ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your guy.


Quirky Clocks:
The first gift idea that comes to our mind is a watch. We don’t usually find too many choices and end up buying watches for our guys. Haven’t we all been there, done that before? Well, it’s time to brush them aside and give way to quirkiness. Quirky wall clocks add a bit of cuteness to your guy’s living place. They come in many designs, so select the one which suits you guy’s taste and gift him that, he will happy.
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Book Shelf:
Is your guy a book-worm? No, we aren’t suggesting gifting him a book we know that it is quite old, but gift him a book shelf instead. It’s cute and trendy—definitely the perfect offbeat gift for a reader. An ardent book lover will never say no to a book or a book shelf, so go for it.
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Sports Jersey:
You know what’s really romantic? Paying attention to what your boyfriend is interested in. If he is a sports freak, recollect what sport he actually likes and also about his favourite teams and players. Then surprise him by getting a jersey from his favourite sports team.
pic 4



Video Games:
If he is into computer gaming consider getting him a new game or two for his system. Or get him the latest xBox 360 or Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation 3, if your budget stretches that far. The Kinectcontroller for xBox or the Move for Playstation is bound to get hardcore gamers excited.
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Homemade gifts:
If you really cannot afford to gift your guy something expensive, then create something for him at home. What better way to demonstrate your affection than by making your boyfriend a homemade gift. It is something that is meaningful and from the heart. It conveys warmth and love and will be cherished.


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