5 Neckline designs for your blouse

If you have finished shopping for your bridal lehenga or saree, then getting your blouse stitched is a giant leap for you. If you don’t want a simple neckline for your blouse and want to go for a trendy and cute neckline which would suit your frame, you may find this article useful. It is in-fact a smart move to opt for a different kind of neckline as this will accentuate your features which will automatically enhance your looks. Sometimes, an apt neckline will mask a flaw. So, here we are with 5 sensual and cute necklines so that you can choose an apt one for you.

The V Neck:

How different is a V neck from a regular one? Well, for starters, this kind of neckline will suit almost any body types. If you are a pear shaped beauty then you shouldn’t twice think about going for a V – Neck. This neckline will balance your shape. Matching this neckline with a color is a smart move. It’ll give you a sumptuous look. In fact, if you are either short or little bit over sized, V neck can balance your look. Go ladies go for V!!!


Square Neck:
Are you having a short neck and a narrow shoulder? Then Square neckline is the apt choice for you. It will add width to your shoulder and also length to your neck making you look stunningly gorgeous. This kind of neckline also suits a round faced beauty. Those who have pear shaped body can also go for this type of neckline. Although, if you have a square shaped face, then this neckline is a strict no-no, but don’t worry you have other kinds of neckline which will make you look elegant. You’ll find them as you go through the rest of the article.

square blouse type
Scoop Neckline:

Soften the edges of the square neckline and add little depth to the center, you have a wonderful scoop neckline. This kind of neckline will look great if you have a long face and a short neck as it balances any kind of flaws. You can have a deep neck or a high neck depending on how much skin you want to show. Go for a scoop neck that enhances the collor bone, you’ll look lovely. But if you are skinny, scoop neck is not for you although assure you that the next one is for you.

scoop blouse type
The High Neckline:

All you petite beauties, the high neckline is the perfect one for you. You can sport a beautiful look with this kind of neckline. You can match this with a suitable hairstyle like an updo, you will look nothing less than amazing. Go for long earrings and a thin necklace, as it will be in harmony with this kind of neckline. Busty beauties shouldn’t opt for this one.

high neck blouse type
The Halter style neckline:

Its a stylish and popular neckline and is opted by many young brides these days. This neckline comprises of straps which are tied at the back of your neck. There are many varieties to choose from, so you need not worry about the design. If you are less busty, you can either go for grecian halter or a traditional halter or even a simple halter will look fabulous on you. You can also combine this halter neckline with round or V shaped design. This will suit body shapes such as hourglass, curvy and straight. Never opt this style if you are a pear shaped beauty.

halter blouse type
Have you decided which kind of neckline will suit you? Then its time to stitch it accordingly.

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