5 Indian Wedding Trends To Follow This Season

Gone are the days of ordinary and boring weddings. Nowadays, couples are opting for an exciting and unique event. We take a look at some of the latest wedding trends you can’t afford to miss if you’re planning on making your big day even more special.

Go Lively with Bold Colours

According to the Wedding Trend Report, it has been revealed that more couples have started resorting to bright, bold and in-your-face colours as compared to the typical white themed weddings.


Choosing the right colors is a big part of the planning process. Once you have decided on your wedding colors, it simplifies all the other stylistic decisions. For decades now, couples have been using color to accent their white wedding day decor, but in recent times, colors are being used to highlight every inch of their wedding. From the wedding cake to the invitations and even the bride’s gown, big bold colors have become essential.

Unplug from Social Media

Nowadays guests disconnect from social media networks during the ceremony rather than constantly posting on Facebook and Instagram etc. Some guests even keep their phones in their pockets during the vows.


It is understandable that couples and guests would want to take a lot of pictures on their special day, but rather than taking selfies every 5 minutes, let the wedding photographers do the work for you.

Capture the Aerial View of Your Wedding

There’s nothing wrong with posed photographs taken with your family and friends in an exquisite wedding venue. But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, then drone photography might just be the thing for you.

Drone Photography

Even though such photographs limit the ability to see the faces and expressions of the bride and groom, they possess the unique ability to showcase the whole wedding venue in a single shot.

Minimalistic and Versatile Jewellery

Chunky pieces of jewellery are no longer the mantra anymore. Modern brides prefer classic pieces of jewellery that would compliment their elegant ensembles. They could also be worn later on as a reminder of all the blessings and love showered upon them during their wedding.


Minimalistic and vintage designs blended with Indian traditions have become very popular in recent times. Simple jewellery pieces are not only eternal in nature, but their subtle appearance also scores high on popularity amongst the modern brides that embrace modern values.

Creative Seating Arrangements

Couples have started drifting away from large round tables that resemble conference events. Instead, couples have begun opting for a mix of long, rectangular tables accompanied with round or square tables.


Such a creative set up not only offers a more intimate vibe but also remains an important aspect of after-party celebrations.

Final Word

So, say goodbye to the usual trends and opt for the stylish above-mentioned wedding trends to make your wedding even more exciting.

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