5 Couple photography ideas you can steal from Dilwale


Love them, hate them, but you cannot ignore them. They are Bollywood’s most romantic Jodi onscreen.

They look deeply into each other’s eyes. They smile without any reason, embrace each other with pride, and feel happy about each other’s presence. Their sizzling hot chemistry, romance portrayed on screen, and their charm is no less like that of a real-life couple.

Yes, we are talking about King Khan – SRK, and the Queen of acting – Kajol.

They have reproduced their charm in their latest movie Dilwale. Couples, you can get inspired from this Jodi, and steal some wedding photography ideas from them. Let’s have a look at some stills of Dilwale.

Honey, smile please!


Here, the bride looks down and thinks about tensed situations of her life. The groom holds her from the hips, looks at her eyes, flashes a smile, and silently conveys the message to ease her tensions.

Tip for photographers: Take a blur shot of the background in the landscape mode. Also, make sure that you take a close shot without zooming the lens. This will add a amount of grace in your couple photography.

Lost in you


Wrapping the saree over the groom, the bride holds his shoulders in an airy scenario. The guy stretches his arms and looks towards the sky.

Tip for photographers: Make sure that the saree of the bride flies in the air. We also recommend you to take a raw shot of this couple photography pose. After which, you can edit it in your fashion.

Sitting calmly at the staircase


Lean at the back of each other and display the signs of your happiness by flashing a smile. It showcases that you are comfortable with your partner and happy of their presence.

Take the pride in kissing the bride


Hold the bride with soft hands, soak in her persona and plant a kiss on her forehead. Just feel and live the moment, while the photographer takes a snap of the couple.

Lift her up


Look deeply into her eyes, smile at her, and lift her up from the stomach, and hold this pose for few seconds. Make sure both wear matching clothes, that simultaneously contrast with the environment.

Final word

You can show this post to your photographer, and get it captured in a similar fashion without any hassles. These recommended poses will surely help to add spice to the pictures. So, just go ahead and steal these couple photography ideas from Shahrukh khan and Kajol’s latest movie – Dilwale.

And romance the camera as much as you romance with each other shooting in front of it…!

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