5 Types of Bridal Hairstyles

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, every bride wants to don the best look. It is your big day and it is not wrong to try out countless hairstyles before finalizing an apt one. You can play with your hair to get the best look for your wedding.

If you don’t have any idea about which hairstyle to try, the below list of hairdos will be of help to you.

The Classic Bun:

The bridal bun is one of the most common yet classy hairstyles for any wedding. This can be done either with middle parting or back combing. If it is neatly done and adorned with beautiful flowers or exquisite ornaments around the bun, you would look sophisticated and classy on your wedding day.

bun 1

Traditional Long braid:

Add some traditional touch to your hair if you have long lustrous hair. It may make you to look like a typical South Indian bride, but believe it or not, a long braid would give you a royal and elegant look. If accessorized with beautiful flowers at each twists, you will look fabulous. An important feature of this traditional Indian bridal hairstyle is that you can wear delicate jewellery to add additional beauty to your hairstyle.


Waterfall Braid:

Also known as the cascade braid, this hairstyle is one of the hottest trends among young brides these days. This waterfall braid can be a lovely reception hairstyle. It is indeed an extraordinarily easy hairstyle though it might look little intricate. This European style of braid will give you a young and fresh look on your wedding day, or just everyday fashion.

Retro Type Hairstyle:

Say hello to the 80’s fab look if you love the timeless style. Even after decades, the retro style fascinates many young Indian women. This hairstyle has always been the favorite among women of different age group. This style needs for you to take a middle part near the forehead and brush the rest back. Add some volume to the hair place on the center of your head. It would look ravishing if you are handy with bump-pits. But if not you can always just tease you hair for more puffed look. Now tie a fairly tight ponytail that isn’t too high. You can now proceed to curling in the tips of your hair.


Messy Bun:

If none of the above hairstyles impress you, you may like the messy bun. A twist to the normal bun is the messy bun. It will look stunning for a sangeet or a reception ceremony.  Brides who do not have to cover their heads on their wedding can opt for this style. They are different, elegant and add some softness to the face with some curls and strands left on either side of the face.

messy bun
Try out the ones which you think will look magnificent on you. Flaunt your dream day with fabulous style.

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