4 Grooming Issues Men Need To Fix Before Wedding

During your wedding the eyes of all your guest will be on you. Its not just the bride who needs to be pampered before the wedding, but also the groom.


Come on, think about it guys. You’ll be photographed multiple times and you will also be the center of attraction with your special one. So, looking picture-perfect on your wedding day is something you shouldn’t compromise on. In order to look fabulous on your wedding, you must eliminate certain grooming problems before your wedding. If you have some serious grooming issues, now is the time to take care of it. Here are the few common grooming issues men face.

Excess Body Hair:

You often neglect your hands and feet, don’t you? Body hair is completely normal unless it is in excess, which can completely be an eyesore. What if the attire you wear on your wedding reception doesn’t look good because you of the excess hair? Make sure you take care of this problem in good time. You don’t have to opt for waxing if you detest it, but can go for laser reduction. It may involve multiple sittings, but believe us, it’s worth the time. So, if you decide to go for laser, make sure you do it at least a week before your wedding. Using a trimmer is another option if you don’t want to do laser.


Bad Teeth:

Your teeth can make or break the awesomeness of your wedding photographs. Accept it, you will flash your teeth in front of your camera for sure at some point. But when you do make sure that your teeth doesn’t spoil your picture. Many forget that good teeth are not only good for photographs but also for health. So if you have bad teeth, now is the time to fix it. There are various treatments for oral problems. So meet a dentist and solve your problem before your wedding so that you can have healthy and strong teeth in the long run.


Belly Bulge:

Come on, you don’t want some extra pounds of flesh to spoil your dream groom look, don’t you? If you have excess belly bulge and doesn’t want it to make you look bad, then try to reduce it soon. Nothing other than good diet and regular exercise can solve this problem. So make sure that you start to burn those extra calories so that you can bid adieu to your belly bulge. If you are fond of junk foods, then you should eliminate them from your fond food list and instead munch on green veggies and juicy fruits. Walking and jogging can also help you achieve this.


Unkempt hands and feet:

It is a common perception that men always neglect their hands and feet. If your hands and feet are not in good shape on your wedding it may be a sore to the eyes so the least you can do is to take care of them. Fix your nails before your wedding day, you would not only look good but also hygienic. If you happen to have unshapely and dirty nails, it can be a turn off. So if you can try medicure and pedicure. Don’t be shy, those are quite common these days.



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